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Video Engineer/Controller

I have worked extensively with Flight Packs, Mobile Units, Studio Applications, and in Reality Show environments.  My understanding of video systems, audio, intercom, data communications, Microwave (Wireless), computers, and Fiber Optics is intense and wide-ranging.  

I understand budgets and can make the most of the equipment you choose.  I know when to speak up and when to shut up.   When you need someone to detail the technical benefits or disadvantages of a particular camera, video component, or audio device I can give you rock solid advice based on experience and research.  If I do not have the answers I will seek them out with vendors and manufacturers so you can speak with technical accuracy.

I work with the rental equipment of your choosing and can guide or assist in the selection of the right components to deliver the production sophistication you seek.  I have extensive experience with wireless camera systems as well as most brands and models of professional video and digital cinema cameras, RoboCams, plus POV and Pro-sumer variations.

I come complete with a wide range of converters, adapters, and tools that often fill the needs of a production without having to wait for a rental delivery.

Changes do not faze me and I adapt quickly to new circumstances. 
  I make sure all of the equipment is set to the proper standards and communicate extensively with post-production to make sure they are getting delivery of the media in the correct codec with accurate time code.

I would be happy to meet with you so I can detail how I can save your production money and deliver a technically flawless show.


Technical Manager

As a sophisticated Technical Manager I know how to translate the creative process into technical logistics.  I spec out an equipment package or system that will fit you needs while staying within your budget.  I also clearly communicate with your Post-Production Department to make sure media delivery fits their exacting specifications.


You need someone who has the energy, drive, and passion to take your creative concept and provide you with the right equipment and people so you can deliver a technically perfect show to match your content.


I love what I do, and when joined with your creative passion, you can deliver the perfect production to your client.


If possible, I would like to meet with you so I may detail my skills and how I can enhance your production and profitability.


  • Experienced Technical Manager With Sophisticated Systems and Content Production Skills.

  • Studio, Flight Pack, and Mobile Unit Experience

  • Fully Versed in 4K Digital Cinema and Multi-Camera Production Formats.

  • Have a Large Database Of Technicians and Vendors

  • Very Organized

  • Detailed Documentation and Preparation

  • Always Prepared for Contingencies Allowing for Variations In Production Requirements

  • Exceptional Knowledge of How to Bring a Concept to Reality Through a Well Organized, Carefully Executed Technical Plan

  • Sophisticated Understanding of Logistics Taking Into Consideration Production Budgets and the Creative process.

  • Have worked In All Genres of Production, Including Corporate, Broadcast, Entertainment, Webcasting, Sports, Comedy, Drama, Specials, Live Concerts, Reality, eSports, and Infomercials.

My Credits can be viewed at:  Wayne Norman Credits


Wayne Norman
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