Technical Manager

I am a Technical Director capable of working with simple and high end production switchers for Corporate Presentations.  I have worked extensively in HD-SDI and 4K workflows and understand the logistics and complexities of each of these production formats.

I bring a strong sense of professionalism and work with the Director, Stage Manager, Producer, Project Manager, and the crew to achieve the highest production values.  I have no problem working with seasoned and lesser experienced production personnel.  I dramatically improve their skill level, simply by providing strong instruction on professional techniques they will use for a lifetime.  I want your client to be completely satisfied.


I don't just do, I outdo.  I anticipate the needs of the director and client, making sure that all elements of the show are executed professionally and to the highest caliber.  My strong technical background gives me the ability to quickly implement switcher set ups that provide maximum creativity without fuss.  Changes do not faze me, and I quickly adapt to new elements.  I work with the Director or Stage Manager to make sure all departments are on the same page, relieving a great deal of the congestion.


When budgets are tight, I am fully capable of directing and working the switcher, delivering a professional presentation, without jump cuts, and shots that always feature the person's face, not the back of their heads.  I am especially skillful at music and entertainment elements, creating a satisfying experience for the viewer and audience.

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