Wayne Norman, Video Engineer

Video Engineer
Video Controller (Shader)
Technical Director
Video Painting Engineer

Digital Image Technician
Engineer in Charge
Technical Manager
Technical Supervisor

Talk Shows
Reality Shows
Music Videos
New Media

Triax, Fiber, and Copper Camera
Set Up and Operation Specialist

Experienced with all brands of Digital Cinema Cameras,
including Alexa, Red, Sony, Canon, and Phantom


Field, Studio, Flight Packs, Mobile Units

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Sit-Coms, Comedies, Specials

Kevin Hart Olympic Hightlights - 4K UHD - NBC Peacock

So Dumb It's Criminal - 4K UHD - NBC Peacock

Lights Out with David Spade - Comedy Central - Video Engineer & Controller

HBO Max Introduction - Truck Engineer

Rhythm & Flo - Netflix - Video Controller

Holey Moley - ABC - Video Controller

4/20 - Buzzfeed - Technical Director

Guitar Legends - AXS TV - Video Controller

Basket Ball Wives Reunion Show - Video Controller

Shahs of Sunset Reunion Show - Video Controller

This Time Next Year - Lifetime - Video Controller

Lip Sync Shorties - Spike - Technical Manager

Are You the One? Reunion Show - MTV - Video Controller

Lip Sync Battle - Spike - Technical Manager

Golden Screen Awards - Video Controller

OWN After Show - Video Controller

Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet - Technical Manager & Technical Director

Shahs of Sunset - Reunion Show - Video Controller

MTV Movie Awards - Technical Manager

Real Men Watch Bravo Test - Video Controller

2016 GOP Debates @ Reagan Library, Video Engineer/Controller

2016 Democratic Debates @ Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas - Video Engineer/Controller

Essence Awards - 2015

I Heart Radio - Video Controller/Engineer

@ Midnight - Comedy Central - Video Controller, Video Engineer

Real Time with Bill Maher - Video Controller

Gettin' Some Strange - Comedy Central Pilot - Video Controller

Sleight of Mouth - Comedy Central Pilot - Video Controller

MTV2 Nick Cannon Exercise Pilot - Video Controller

Upload with Shaq O'Neil - Video Controller, Video Systems Engineer, including EVS

Comedy Central Justin Bieber Roast Red Carpet Special - Video Controller

In the House - Multi Camera Remote - Engineer In Charge

Spike TV Comic-Con Special - Video Engineer

CNN - Red Carpet - Oscars, SAG Awards, Emmy Awards, Daytime Emmy,  CNN Heros

Various Sitcom pilots & Comedy Specials - Technical Director & Video

Kate & Alley - Studio Video & Remote Technical Director

MTV Music Concert Specials - Technical Director

Several Comedy Standup Performances - Technical Director

George Lopez Show - Hi Def DIT

Yo Gabba Gabba - Video Engineer 

Harmon Quest - HD-SDI

Bill Nye Saves the World - 4K - Netflix - Video Controller

Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector - Video Controller

Bill Cosby Special - Technical Director

Talk Shows, Game Shows & Pilots

Drop the Beat - Video Controller - Pilot - FOX

Black All Day (I Love Us) - Pilot & Series - Video Controller - BET

Crime Scene Kitchen - 4K UHD - Video Engineer - FOX

Buddy Vs. Duff - Technical Manager - Food Network

Belle Collection Reunion Show - 4K UHD - Engineer in Charge - OWN

Have/Have Nots Reunion show - Engineer in Charge - OWN

Crisis - CW - Recap After Show - Video Controller

Temptation Island Recap After Show - Video Engineer & Controller

Watch What Happens Live - Video Controller & Engineer

ManCave - BET - Video Controller
What Just Happened - Video Controller Black Card Revoked - BET - Video Controller

Girl Code Live (LA) - Video Controller


Direct TV Monthly Presentation - Video Engineer

Real Men Watch Bravo Test - Video Controller

What Just Happened - Pilot - Video Controller

MTV Snack Off - Video Controller


Rich Eisen - Direct TV - Video Controller

UEFA Soccer Wrap Arounds - TNT - Engineer In Charge & Technical Manager

Time Travelers - Pilot - Video

Access Hollywood - Schwarzenegger Remote - Video Engineer/Controller

Digital World - Pilot -Technical Director

VH-1 - Music Video Intros - Video

Magic Johnson Talk Show - Paramount TV - Video

NHK - Japan Television - Technical Director

Direct TV Project - Video Engineer/ Camera Operator

Dinner and a Movie - Video Engineer

Chick Flix - Video Engineer & Camera Operator

Dan Patrick - Direct TV - Video Controller

BET Talk Show Pilot - Technical Director & Engineer

All Chat - Riot Games - Video Controller

Talk...with David Frost - Technical Director


Tubi Special - Engineer in Charge - Streaming Project for Tik Tok

Drag Race - LUT Designer

Big 3 Draft - Video Controller - Streaming Video

July Global Push for MTV - Technical Manager - MTV

Basketball Wives - Recap Show - Video Controller

Disney's Magic Bake Off - Video Engineer - 4K - Disney+

Family Guy Promotional - Webcast - Technical Director

YouTube E3 Special - Video Engineer

MTV Motel California - Engineer in Charge

Hollywood Park - Engineer in Charge

Channel One - Video Engineer

AVHQ - Trade Shows - Director/Technical Director

Video Applications - Director/TD

X-Treme Games - Edit System Set Up Engineer

Bexel - Freelance engineer and technical director for multi camera shoots and edit system set up and operation

Duke City - Video Engineer for multi-camera shoots and edit system operation and maintenance

Gearhouse LA - Video Engineer/Technical Director and director for Multicamera shows.

Videocam, Inc.- Video Engineer, technical director, and director for multi-camera shows

Creative Technologies - High Definition Video Engineer for Flight Pack Systems

AMP'd - Cell Phone Telecasts - Video Engineer and Technical Director

Knitty Gritty - Set Up Video Engineer

Smart Pros - Video Engineer and Video Controller for Flight Pack for Infomercial


LA Lakers - Basketball - Video Control

LA Clippers - Basketball - Video Control

Los Angeles Kings - Hockey - Video Controller

USC Football - Video Controller

Los Angeles Galaxy - Soccer  - Video Controller

LA Dodgers - Baseball - Video Controller

Red Bull New Years Eve Long Beach Motorcycle Jump - Video Controller

Red Bull Rally Cross Events - Video Controller

Volley Ball - Video Controller

Cheerleading Competition - Technical Director

Football - Technical Director & Video

Gymnastics - Technical Director

Pac 12 Sports - Video Controller

Time Warner Cable Sports - Video Controller

Baseball - Technical Director & Video

Horse shows - Technical Director & Video

Basketball - Technical Director

NY Marathon - Video

Ice Hockey -Video

Swimming - Technical Director

Auto racing - Video

Track and field - Technical Director & Video

Soccer - Video

Golf - Video

Tennis - Technical Director

Boxing - Technical Director

Motocross - Video

Bowling - Technical Director

Ultimate Fighting - Video Controller (Exterior Shoot)

PMTV - Soccer Tournament - Engineer in Charge

Red Bull Motocross - Video Controller

Lacrosse - CBS Sports Network - Video Controller

 Commercials and Industrials

TV Commercials - Technical Director or video on hundreds of television commercials for companies including:  Anheiser Busch, IBM, Burger King, Sears, Toyota, Vons, Cisco Systems, Direct TV, Intuit, Petco, International Paper

Industrials - Technical Director or video on hundreds of industrial productions, including Blue Shield, Amgen, Magic - the Game, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, NBC Upfront, Coke, Herbalife, Neutrogena, Sony Studios, Disneyland, Medtronics

DIT on over 2 dozen High Definition Commercial Productions

Infomercials & Music Videos

Infomercials: Technical Director or video on dozens of infomercials

Music Videos - Technical Director & Video on dozens of music videos (including Ultimatte)

Concerts - Technical Director and video on taped and live music performances

Cybersonic - Infomercial - Video Engineer

 Reality Shows

Love Island - ITV - Senior Video Engineer - Over 100 cameras, including Broadcast, POV, and Robocams

What Just Happened - Video Controller

Wake Up Call - Engineer in Charge & Hidden Camera Specialist - Reality Show

MTV Harassment - Hidden Camera Show - Set up Engineering Racks and their implementation

 Blow Out - Video Controller and Hidden Camera Specialist

 The Bachelor - EIC - Next Entertainment

Basketball Wives Reunion - Video Controller Meet the Marks - ABC - RoboCam, Jib, Video Engineer

 I have worked on over 2 dozen Reality Shows, however because of Confidentiality agreements and their vagueness, I cannot list or discuss them.


I have worked as a Video Engineer, Video Controller, Director, and/or Technical Director on over 200 corporate shows using flight packs and occasionally mobile units.

Companies Include:  IBM, GM, Ford, Toyota, Bridgestone, Proctor and Gamble, all of the major pharmaceutical companies, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, NBC Upfronts, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Motorola, Herbalife, Direct TV, and many, many more.

 Special Skills

  • Excellent 4K and HD-SDI Diagnostic Skills
  • Very Budget Conscious
  • Very Logistically Minded
  • Excellent Fiber Optic Diagnostic skills
  • Easily Interpret Production Needs into a properly designed and executed Video Engineering layout and signal delivery
  • Exceptional Computer Skills
  • Excellent at Multi-Tasking
Have a complete Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit for ST, SC, LC, and SMPTE including a microscope for Ferrule Examination, plus signal strength meters and Light Pens

Extensive Experience designing video signal acquisition and distribution using fiber, microwave and conventional copper for entertainment, corporate, and sports productions and then putting together Tech Requisitions .
Union Affiliation

IA 600, Nabet, IBEW

Serving Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, Culver City, Santa Monica, LA, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, County of Los Angeles, County of Orange, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, Anaheim, California, Santa Ana, Universal City, Universal Studios, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, La Mirada, Fullerton, Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, Venice, Covina, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moorpark

Specialist in commercial production, music videos, sit-coms, episodic program, dramatic programs, movies, features, reality programs, corporate videos, entertainment specials
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