Wayne Norman, Video Engineer

Video Engineer
Video Controller (Shader)
Technical Director
Video Painting Engineer

Digital Image Technician
Engineer in Charge
Technical Manager
Technical Supervisor

Talk Shows
Reality Shows
Music Videos
New Media

Triax, Fiber, and Copper Camera
Set Up and Operation Specialist

Experienced with all brands of Digital Cinema Cameras,
including Alexa, Red, Sony, and Phantom

Field, Studio, Flight Packs, Mobile Units

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Wayne Norman


Video Engineer
Video Controller (Shader)
Video Painting Engineer
Digital Image Technician
Engineer In Charge
Technical Supervisor


I understand the pressures a Director Of Photography is under to quickly deliver outstanding pictures that exceed the expectations of the Director and Producer. 

I have a complete understanding of the menu structure, the matrix tables and coloring functions of the camera and work with the DP in designing a look that complements the subject matter.  I can also provide consultation services as to what equipment and accessories may be of value during the production, including the preparation of a requisition list for submission to one or more vendors.

I also understand not to be vocal about lighting and equipment issues.  I always avoid shouting out that the picture is too dark or areas are too bright, instead, I walk up to the DP and whisper what issues may be in need of attention.  This allows him or her to make corrections without any production or crew member knowing an issue had arisen.

I am a team player and always look out for the DPs back.  I know how to interface with Producers and Directors and avoid becoming overly technical with them and leave the final say to the DP, for it is the DP who is captain of the ship, and I am just someone in the Engine Room making sure there is enough fuel to get to where we've got to go.

I set up quickly and make sure the client has a quality monitor that is properly set so they see the pictures the way they are meant to be seen.  I believe an effective team has to be well informed and have their needs addressed quickly and without an attitude.  I never wait to be told to do something, more than likely I have already done it, but if there is something amiss I address it quickly and do not need to be told over and over again. 

I try to give accurate updates as to the time it will take to be up and running and If something does go awry, I strive to give an honest and frank estimate as to the time it will take to return to production.

There is a difference between Video Engineers, Digital Image Technicians (DITs), Video Shaders (also known as Video Controllers), and Engineer in Charge, and Technical Supervisor.  Each has their strengths and knowing the differences will allow you to select the right person for the specific project.  Click here for a definition of the different job titles
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