Wayne Norman, Video Engineer

Video Engineer
Video Controller (Shader)
Technical Director
Video Painting Engineer

Digital Image Technician
Engineer in Charge
Technical Manager
Technical Supervisor

Talk Shows
Reality Shows
Music Videos
New Media

Triax, Fiber, and Copper Camera
Set Up and Operation Specialist

Experienced with all brands of Digital Cinema Cameras,
including Alexa, Red, Sony, Canon, and Phantom


Field, Studio, Flight Packs, Mobile Units

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Engineering Rack

Field, Studio, Flight Packs, Mobile Units

The goal of every production. 

Your video productions require flexibility and high technical standards to deliver the quality your client demands.  You need to focus on the logistical and creative issues of your show, but are also responsible for the technical side to be flawless.

As a Video Engineer and Controller with thousands of productions to my credit, I can deliver the expertise and experience for all multi-camera corporate, concert, or entertainment productions.  

I am a team player and understand the need to provide superior customer service and deliver the highest quality production possible. I know when to speak up and when to shut up.  

In addition to my Video Controller and Engineer skills, I own and operate a complete HD-SDI Video Engineering Package that gives your production HD-SDI signal distribution and router control for the DP, LD, Board Operator, AD, Director, Tape Machine Feeds, Audio, Video Controller, IMAG Screen Feed, and other potential routing choices.

It is specifically designed to work with most major brands of professional and Pro-Sumer cameras, including Go-Pros.  With a frame Synchonizer/Color Corrector built into the system I can match any Pro-Sumer Camera and Go-Pros to 


The Engineering Package

My Engineering package includes:

32 X 32 HD-SDI Router
32 X 32 Analog Video Router
32 X 32 Analog Audio Router
16 X 16 AES Router
10 Router Panels
5 HD-SDI to Analog Down Converters (4 Camera, 1 Program)
Quad Split Generator
Audio Distribution
Analog Video Distribution
HD-SDI Video Distribution
Frame Synchronizer
Sync Generator (23.98, 24P, 30P, 59.94, 720P, 1080i, 1080P)
Time Code Generator for 23.98, and 24P and 30P  1080P
Time Code Generator for 1080i and 720P
Frame Synchronizer
WFM700 Waveform/Vector Monitor
Video Controller Monitor
Audio Embedder
Audio De-embedder
RTS 2 Channel Intercom System with 10 Beltpacks and Headsets

Optional Accessories:

Additional Intercom Headsets and Beltpacks
6 Channel Intercom System with SAP612 Intercom Channel Assignment Controller
Wireless Intercom System
Evertz VIP-16 16 Input 2 Channel Output Multi-Viewer
DVI/HDMI Computer Interface
Sony or Panasonic Paint Boxes
Color Corrector & Frame Synchronizer for Pro-Sumer Cameras
Client Monitors
Throwdown DAs for signal distribution beyond the range of HD-SDI cable lengths
Fiber Converters for Extended Runs 


The system is specifically set up to work with all professional and many Pro-Sumer Sony, Grass Valley, or Panasonic cameras that you own or your choice of rental ENG/EFP Cameras, Triax, and SMPTE Fiber Camera Systems.  

The system is specifically designed to work with your camera system or any from a rental house or Owner/Operators.  

I am a video engineer and controller that owns with my own router and terminal rack for Corporate and Entertainment shows.  

Because it is my system I have intimate knowledge of how it was constructed and how to maximize it's potential.

As a highly qualified Video Engineer and controller I can deliver 


You want to remain focused on delivering the aesthetic look and feel of the show, and yet make you and your client confident that the engineering side is properly looked after.  

 leave the engineering and the technical issues in the hands of a true professional, one who has th experience to executes.

I am a video Engineer with a complete Engineering System in two racks that allows you to offer your clients multi-camera production capability backed by someone with the engineering expertise and experience to deliver flawlessly.  

I am an experienced video controller (Also known as a Video Shader, Video Operator, 

My system is specifically set up to incorporate one or more of your cameras, and then add additional cameras of the same make and model using a rental house or other Owner/Operators of your choosing.  

The need for signal distribution

As a Camera Owner Operator you have great opportunity to increase revenue while better servicing your client by offering multi-Camera projects, and I can provide the connectivity and technical expertise to deliver the results your client demands.

The system allows you to specify which camera system, you want to integrate, 

It is ideal for a 3 or 4 Panasonic, Sony, or Grass Valley EFP Camera, Triax, or Fiber Optic camera production seeking exceptional color control and quality.

It features advanced video and audio distribution through a router system that delivers 



I arrive at every shoot, completely prepared with a plan of attack.  I am diligent and brief all concerned parties as to how to accomplish the build and strike.  Whether it is a single set up or the production is constantly on the move I incorporate proven techniques that allow the show to relocate quickly and deliver all your monitoring and technical needs.


Video Kit

As part of my service I bring a lot of video and fiber support gear that often comes in handy and can resolve an issue immediately, rather than waiting for the rental house to deliver the missing or added component. 

Every production is unique and deserves the attention of a true professional who has the technical skills to make it flawless.  



For more information and my credits please visit my website:  http://videoengineer.net/pages/credits.htm

Mobile, Studio, and Flight Pack Certified

Copyrighht 2015 Wayne Norman