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Video Engineer
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Technical Director
Video Painting Engineer

Digital Image Technician
Engineer in Charge
Technical Manager
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Talk Shows
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New Media

Triax, Fiber, and Copper Camera
Set Up and Operation Specialist

Experienced with all brands of Digital Cinema Cameras,
including Alexa, Red, Sony, Canon, and Phantom


Field, Studio, Flight Packs, Mobile Units

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Engineer in Charge (EIC)
Tech Manager
Video Engineer
Video Painting Engineer
Video Controller
Video Shader
Digitial Image Technician

Systems Operation

If you are preparing a production and looking for someone to guide you on your selection and specification of a mobile unit, flight pack or studio package, I bring the experience and knowledge to choose the system that is best for your budget and production criteria.  Every production is different and each requires a set of specifications that allows you to deliver the results you or your client demand.  There is no "cookie-cutter" approach to a production, and if you do not have the right tools specified in advance, your production costs can escalate rapidly as the little items you need have to be rented at a premium rate.

I have extensive knowledge and understanding of all new and emerging technologies, especially in video acquisition, such as hard drive recorders and flash media.   I can streamline the production to post-production process to increase efficiency and make for a quicker turnaround.

I prepare a sophisticated logistics map, detailing the layout of the production, taking into consideration possible variations.  This mapping will determine whether you stay on budget and on-time, avoiding additional equipment charges and crew costs.  I make sure that every production staff and crew member has the right equipment they need when they need it.

My designs often include small touches that add little, if any, additional cost and make the production more efficient and comfortable.  For flight pack productions, I bring little "devices" with me that enhance the production environment.    

I pride myself in being very detail oriented, but I also understand budget and time constraints in setting up, operating, and then breaking down a system.  I work closely with all of the crew to make sure they are focused in the right direction during set up and breakdown resulting in greater efficiencies.

I am very client oriented and have a desire to deliver a perfect project and fill the demands of every individual on the production staff and crew.  I communicate with the Director of Photography (Lighting Director), Audio Mixer, Director, Assistant or Associate Director, Producers, Post-Production Supervisor, lighting department, and any other department heads to make sure that all of their needs are addressed.

System Integration is vital to a successful technical production.  Using the most advanced technologies and integrating them with past technologies allows you to save money and deliver a more cost-effective production with greater versatility.  With the advances in recording media the decisions have to be made that complement both production and post-production requirements. 

Because I have extensive experience as an Engineer in Charge, Technical Manager, Technical Producer, Technical Director, as well as Video Engineer and Video Shader, I can bring the experience and knowledge to deliver practical, cost-effective mobile, studio, or flight pack systems.  

I work closely with you and your staff to determine exactly what your production requirements are going to be , then prepare specifications 

Safety must be a major consideration and I do not allow cables and equipment to be placed into situations which may jeopardize crew safety, as well as that of the public.  I am fully familiar with the various Los Angeles area fire codes and work closely with the Fire Department and other safety and security personnel to make the set up of the production fall within all safety and fire codes.

I am a strong believer in redundancy and when setting up a mobile, studio, and especially a flight pack, I make sure there is adequate back ups so if a cable or component should fail there is a replacement or solution quickly at hand.  \

Depending on the production, I can often act as a Technical Manager or Engineer in Charge and also fill the Video Shader or Technical Director position.  This helps to reduce your costs, while still maintaining a high level of technical proficiency.


Permanent Systems Design and Installation

Whether it is a mobile system, flight pack, or studio application I have the skills and experience to design and install the most sophisticated audio and video systems that fit your demanding criteria.  

I carefully review your logistical and creative needs and determine the most cost-effective approach to your application.  I then propose what equipment is best purchased new or used versus renting on a periodic basis.

I always design the systems for versatility, as your current needs will change over time and the system you build today must be able to accommodate future production requirements.

Because video and audio equipment is constantly evolving it is very important that the latest technology be employed for the best return on the dollar.  I am always reviewing and learning about new equipment and how it can be employed in future systems.  Sometimes, it is best to purchase used equipment for certain functions to reduce investment risks as the technology which is valid today has a very limited life cycle.

I collaborate closely with all other vendors so the system fits neatly into the facility with ample power, cooling, and space.  

Whether you have a budget or need one prepared for a mobile, studio, or flight pack operation, I can design a system that is specific to your needs keeping within your long-term investment goa

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